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How to Make More Money as a Beauty Professional


Being in the beauty industry is one of the most rewarding career paths out there. You get to help women and men feel their absolute best. You get to be with them on their on their most special days like their weddings, or even just on a regular Tuesday for their monthly appointment. Being a beauty professional allows you to truly help transform your client’s lives, and that is absolutely priceless.

But, at the end of the day, we still need to pay our bills. Sometimes our passions don’t completely pay off, however. We see a lot of beauty professionals start to become discouraged when they realize that their passions aren’t really paying the bills. We’re here to help change that.

This blog post is going to talk about some of the ways that you can still work your passion and provide for your clients, but in a way that also allows you to live the life that you want to live. Here are our top 7 tips for making more money as a beauty professional 

Before we dive in, we want to stress that hard work does pay off! When it comes to making a comfortable (or more than comfortable)  living as a beauty professional, you do need to put in your due diligence, get your hands dirty, and do the work. These 7 tips can be incorporated throughout any stage of your career path, but just know that nothing beats hard work, dedication, and persistence!


Tip #1: Map out your Roadmap for Success

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Plain and simple. You can’t just wing it and expect to be successful, get promotions, or grow your business. One of the best ways to plan your career advancements is to map out a roadmap for success by reverse engineering it. This probably sounds complicated but trust is, it’s not, and it will help you so much!

Mapping out your roadmap for success is comprised of two parts: reverse engineering your goals and clearly setting those goals.

What does reverse engineering your goals mean? It means to look at your ultimate end goal (own a salon, become a celebrity makeup artist, etc.,) and work backward. What will it take you to get there? Will you have to go to school to get your MBA? Will you have to learn special effects makeup? Go crazy here! Write everything that you can think of down.  

It’s important to note that this end goal doesn’t have to be the end all be all goal. It can be a goal that is 2 even 3 years from now. The point is to clearly define that goal and map out the steps that it is going to take to get you there.

Now that you have all of the steps listed, it’s time to set them in stone! So, say you want to open up your own spa in 5 years and some of the key goals you have listed out are: get your MBA, create a business plan, find a space, find staff, and save money to use to open up your business.

Now you will give those goals some meaning by adding dates, quantities, expectations, etc. So, you don’t just want to say “save money”, you want to be extremely specific and say “save $5k per year in a separate online savings account that I will use to open up my spa.” Instead of saying “get my MBA”, you’ll want to say “enroll in UMASS Boston’s MBA online course part-time by X date and finish by X date.”

You can also use this process for your income and clients as well. Maybe you are averaging 10 repeat clients a month and by the end of this year you want 25. Map that out! Same goes for income. If you are making $4k per month right now but want to be at $6k per month by the end of the year, what is it going to take you to get there?

Make everything as specific as possible, write it all down, and now you can start tracking your progress towards your goals!


Tip #2: Constantly be Marketing Yourself

You miss every shot you don’t take, right? The same goes for marketing yourself. At the end of the day you are in charge of your own success. Don’t rely on your spa or salon to do all of the work for you. Go out there and market yourself! Make success happen. Don’t just wait for it.

Some things you can do on your own to market yourself are:

  • Business Cards: if your salon or spa doesn’t offer business cards go out there and make your own! You never know who you’re going to meet and when so being prepared with business cards always comes in handy.
  • Referrals: Incentivize your clients to refer you out to their friends and family by offering some small discount, product, or extra service.
  • Events: Go to as many events as possible. Conferences, seminars, workshops. Again, you never know who you are going to meet. You could potentially meet clients, business partners, or potential opportunities for career advancement.
  • Networking Groups: These are great! Go out and find some networking groups. One of our favorites is Boston Business Women. Here you can find people in your industry, form relationships, get clients, and just be in a space where you are supported and encouraged to reach your goals.
  • Partnerships: Form partnerships with other salons, spas, or businesses that complement yours. Maybe you send your clients to a specific hairdresser down the street and that hairdresser sends her clients to get her brows done with you. It’s a great relationship.


Tip #3: Always be Learning

The only way to consistently become better at your craft is to continue to learn. The best professionals out there are always learning. They are attending workshops, reading books, taking courses. You want to completely immerse yourself in the latest technology and trends in your field.

Some of our favorite ways to continue to educate ourselves are FREE! We like podcasts, youtube videos, and conferences and workshops. Always be learning so that you can always be getting better. Even the “masters” have mentors. That should say something about the importance of learning!


Tip #4: Learn to Sell

You’re in the business of beauty, but you’re also in the business of selling. At the end of the day, need to be able to sell your services in order to get those clients and make that money, honey! Master the art of selling so that selling starts to feel good.

Once you start mastering this you can move that consultation to an appointment, move that one-off client to a monthly recurring appointment, and upsell products you never dreamed you would sell. Remember, when you sell something you are doing your client a service! You are helping them out.

Grab some books about mastering the art of the sale and you’ll be good to go!


Tip #5: Invest in your Career Advancement

Again, you need to go out there and make things happen! Invest in yourself. We certify beauty professionals in eyelash extensions to help them do just that. Whether you are a makeup artist, a waxing professional, a hairdresser, etc., you can of course benefit from adding certifications and skills to your resume.

When you expand your skillset you instantly become more marketable. Read our blog post about why you should become certified in eyelash extensions to learn all about the benefits of adding this in-demand service to your arsenal.

Invest in yourself to invest in your career.


Tip #6: Become an Expert

“Jack of all trades, master of none.” This is a real thing. How can you be an expert in something if you are surface-level on multiple things? Lash L’Amour’s owner, Cynthia, knew that in order for her to stand out from the crowd and build the life she wanted to, she needed to stop being a jack of all trades and start becoming a master of one.

She ditched all of her other services and started to focus on one … lash extensions. She trained hard. She invested with the best. She honed her expertise. 2 lash spas and dozens of awards later, you could say that this paid off (literally).

What can you become an expert in?


Tip #7: Master Client Retention

Finally, the last on our list is to master client retention. This is the tip that is closest to the money, so you should probably start with this. We have already created a blog post all about mastering the client retention process, so you can go ahead and read that here.


We hope you enjoyed these tips for making more money as an esthetician or cosmetologist. Do you have any tips that you’d like to share? Comment below if you do!


Here’s to you and your career!


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