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Why you Should Become Certified in Eyelash Extensions

At Lash L’Amour, one question that we receive all the time is why someone should become trained in eyelash extensions. When it comes to extensions as a service, there are many benefits of becoming certified, but we believe that the most important ones revolve around your income and your skill set.

When you become certified in eyelash extensions you will invest in a rapidly growing industry, you will dramatically increase your client base, you can increase your income, and you will see a high return-on-investment. All of these are extremely important when working in the beauty industry.

Benefit #1: Invest in a Growing Industry

Lash extensions is the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry and is expected to maintain this growth for the foreseeable future. Extensions only recently became popular in the US after the industry boomed in Korea, so the trend is still relatively “new”.

Because of this, you are investing in a growing industry at the perfect time. There is an unmet need for lash extension specialists, because the demand is so high and the number of certified extension specialists is relatively lower. This is the perfect time to add lash extension specialist to your resume!


Benefit #2: Increase Client Base

When you add lash extensions to your skill set, you will dramatically increase your client base resulting in more revenue. Clients will specifically seek out licensed professionals who can apply eyelash extensions. The term “eyelash extensions” are googled 110,000 times per month! There are hundreds of thousands of people out there searching for eyelash extensions on the internet.

These people may not be seeking out your other services (i.e. facials, makeup application, etc.), but they are seeking out extensions. This will result in you increasing your client base and increasing your reach in the market.


Benefit #3: Increase Income & Recurring Revenue

There are three main reasons as to why lash extensions can help you increase your income and improve your recurring revenue.  

The first reason is the price of eyelash extension services. Getting lash extensions is a luxury service and are priced accordingly. Full sets can range anywhere from $100 to $500, and come with required maintenance. Adding lash extensions to your skill set can help you increase your income dramatically, even if you only do 1 full set per week.

Another great reason that adding lash extension services to your resume can help you increase your income is due to the potential for upsells.

Lash extensions are a great addition to many services. If you are a makeup artist, you can easily upsell brides and their bridal party into getting eyelash extensions for the big day. If you are an esthetician, you can upsell your facial clients and give them an all-in-one beauty treatment.

Lastly, performing eyelash extension services offer you the chance for recurring income. Lash extensions require maintenance, therefore, your clients will be returning to you every 3 to 4 weeks for re-fills. This results in recurring income.

Recurring income is especially important in the beauty industry because working with clients can be unstable and unpredictable. When you add in an element of recurring maintenance for a service, you provide yourself with more income stability; you can better predict your income and know roughly how much money you will be making month to month.

Another great benefit of recurring income is the possibility for exponential growth. Say you start off with 3 clients during month 1. They each get a full set costing $195, and will have to come back next month for refills costing $125 each. That’s $375 in recurring income each month.

Now the next month you add in 3 more clients for full sets, and those 3 clients will have to return the following month for re-fills. Now you are up to $750 in recurring income just from re-fills each each month.

If you add 3 clients to your client list each month after that, you can clearly see how your income can increase exponentially.


Benefit #4: High ROI

If you are a contractor or rent out a chair in a salon or spa, you probably need to purchase your own supplies. Luckily for you, the cost of eyelash extension services highly outweigh the cost of eyelash extension supplies. This results in a high return-on-investment.


Table of income and sets/refills

Below you can see your potential income when you start performing eyelash extensions services.

You will see that if you perform 4 natural sets per week, you will add an additional $3,120 to your monthly gross income. You will also see your potential revenue for performing different types of full sets.

Sets per week 1 per week 2 per week 3 per week 4 per week Monthly Income
Natural Set $195 $195 $390 $585 $780 $3,120
Dramatic Set $245 $245 $490 $735 $980 $3,920
Luxurious Set $295 $295 $590 $885 $1,180 $4,720
L’Amour Set $395 $395 $790 $1,185 $1,580 $6,320


Lash extensions clearly are a great addition to your current specialties or as a complete shift in focus. When you become certified in lash extensions, you will increase your income, your skill set, and your client base. What is there to lose?

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