Lash Extensions are Not ‘One Size Fits All’

We know lash extensions are not for everyone (despite our personal obsession). However, some might think they’re not the lash type until they have the right set. Often times, we hear clients tell us they don’t want them to look “fake” because they’ve seen so many “fake” looking sets. Chances are that those super-dramatic lashes are exactly what those particular clients requested. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around like that. Mega volume sets are the only ones you might notice, since the more subtle extensions look so close to our natural lashes (but better!). Sometimes, it’s just about finding what works best for you and your eyes.

Patch Test

If you’re concerned about a sensitivity or an allergic reaction, we offer a complimentary patch test to all clients. It is not required but recommended, especially if you’re getting lash extensions for a wedding, vacation, or another special event. We would hate for you to have red puffy eyes for your wedding photos. During a patch test, we apply about 10-20 lash extensions per eye. The lashes we apply are very short and will blend right in with your natural lashes so you can go about your day. Typically, we’ll use a mild adhesive on one eye, and a stronger adhesive on the other. This ensures that even if one adhesive is too strong for you, the other one might be perfectly fine. If you experience no reaction within 24-48 hours, chances are you are in the clear for a gorgeous set of lashes!


We offer complimentary lash extension consultations to all our guests, especially those that are getting extensions for the first time. If you want to skip the full consultation, our lash artists will still discuss options with you prior to starting your full set. Photos are always helpful for the lash artist to get a good idea of your desired look. We’ll often ask questions about your daily routine, including how much or how little makeup you wear on a daily basis. This helps us judge how dramatic or subtle of a set you’re looking for.


All of our New Sets come with a complimentary 30-minute follow-up appointment. Although we get a pretty good idea of what our clients are looking for during the consultation, sometimes the lashes come out ever-so-slightly too short, long, full, or not full enough after your new set. We offer this complimentary follow-up appointment to make those little adjustments within 7 days of your new set to make sure we get the lash extensions to your liking.

Even our regulars occasionally need a reminder that lash extensions are customizable. Changing the length, shape, and fullness can make quite a difference. We never want you to feel like you’re “stuck” with lashes that you aren’t pleased with. Communicate with your lash artist if you ever want to try something new. We are always happy to accommodate and try new things to make you look and feel your best!