How to Get the Most Out of Your Lash Appointment

Arrive Early

The more time we have for your appointment, the more lashes we’re able to give you.  We completely understand that everyone runs late every now and then and are happy to accommodate whenever possible.

Come in with Clean Lashes

Even if you are not wearing makeup, oils and dead skin cells build up on our lashes and prevent extensions from adhering properly. We ask that you wash your lashes with our foaming lash cleanser in the restroom when you arrive. Washing them as close to your appointment as possible is ideal, as our skin is constantly producing oils. We will also offer a complementary lash bath if needed.

Take a Lash Nap

Relaxation is key for the most productive lash fill. Feel free to let us know you’d like to take a nap and we’ll be sure to let you rest and wake up with beautiful lashes.

Avoid Caffeine Prior to appointment

Caffeine is a stimulant. Even if you don’t feel it, caffeine often makes eyelids very twitchy. This constant movement makes it very difficult to attach an extension to. The more still and relaxed you are, the more lashes we can apply.

β€˜Me Time’

Be sure to put your phone on silent so you can relax and not disrupt other guests. We know emergencies happen, but please try to avoid asking your lash artist to read a text message for you during your service. They are focused on giving you a beautiful set of lashes. We also ask that you don’t bring any children or guests into the spa during your appointment.

Extra Time

Let us know if you don’t have to be anywhere after (or if you have to be out by a certain time). If we don’t have anyone scheduled after you, we are always happy to spend a little extra time on your lashes if you have nowhere to be.

Speak Up

If you feel any discomfort at all during the service, whether something is stinging, itchy, or you just need a sip of water, don’t hesitate to tell your lash artist. We want you to have the most comfortable lash experience.

Book Your Refill in Advance

Our lash artists book up quickly, especially in the busy warmer months. Booking several appointments in advance is a great idea to ensure your lashes stay full.

Have Fun with your Lashes

Let your lash artist know if you ever want to switch it up!  Try a new curl, length or design. We also have black lashes, brown lashes, and all the colors of the rainbow to try!


What is Dermaplane?

Dermaplaning immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the top layer of skin cells along with vellus hair. It is highly effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, while leaving skin smooth, supple, and vibrant. It has been utilized in medical practices for over 40 years to prepare the skin for chemical peels and laser treatments. Dermaplaning increases the penetration of active ingredients in treatment room and home care products. It creates the perfect canvas for makeup application.

Am I a good candidate for Dermaplane?

The ideal client is focused on anti-aging. She is concerned about dull, dry skin, a sallow complexion, enlarged pores, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and perhaps acne scars. She’s interested in the removal of peach fuzz and may already be using retinol. She is typically over 30 and interested in maintaining a youthful, healthy appearance and looking good both in person and in photos.

Is it safe?

Dermaplaning is a physical/mechanical exfoliation that is extremely safe when performed by a professionally trained skin care specialist utilizing the appropriate tools and practices for the service. Low quality tools, including blades not designed for dermaplaning and inexpensive handles that don’t lock the blade on tight, are responsible for increased risk of injury to the client.

How long does the service take?

At Lash L’Amour we offer three types of Dermaplane services:

Dermaplane – 45 minutes Β 

Dermaplane with Eminence Facial – 1 hour

Dermaplane + HydraFacial Approximately 1.25 hour

How often can I book a Dermaplane service?

We recommend a Dermaplane treatment once per month. Β 

Won’t my facial hair grow back thicker?

No. We only remove the vellus hair (peach fuzz), so the hair grows back exactly how it previously did.

What should I do prior to my appointment?

Avoid the use of any retinols or Retin-A at least 5 days to Dermplaning. Avoid chemical peels at least 14 days prior to Dermaplaning. Avoid any injectables like Botox or fillers at least 1 week prior to Dermaplaning (they can be done immediately following Dermaplaning if desired).

What should I do after my appointment?

Do not use abrasive cleansers, wash clothes or hot shower spray for 24-48 hours after the service.

Avoid the use of any retinols 5 days post-treatment.

Wash all makeup brushes & sponges. Makeup can irritate the skin after Dermaplaning

Avoid sun exposure as much as possible. SPF is essential even on cloudy days.

Delay exposure to excessive heat, sweat, and steam rooms.

Brow Lamination

Penciling in your brows every day can become a chore. Look no further than Brow Lamination – a quick and painless service to give your brows a more full, fluffy, and styled appearance. Promising arches that look thicker, and fuller, brow lamination is a needle-free alternative to micro-blading that produces less permanent results. So many of us have been searching for a non-permanent solution for fuller-looking brows, and Lash L’Amour offers just that! We’ll be answering all your Brow Lamination questions to get you ready for this brow-changing experience.

ο»ΏWhat is a Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a process in which we redirect the brow hair in an upward position to achieve a fuller, styled look. Brow Lamination is achieved with a two-step cream solution in which the first solution lifts the hair upwards and the second solution sets the brow hair in place.

Am I a good candidate for a Brow Lamination?

If your brow hair seems to be growing in a downward or horizontal position, or if you have stubborn coarse hair that doesn’t lay flat, Lamination may be the perfect fix. Do keep in mind that if your eyebrows are sparse where hair does not grow, it does not fill in those gaps. We are simply working with the brow hair you already have and enhancing the style of it.

Is Brow Lamination Safe?

Absolutely! Both solutions are formulated to be safely applied directly to brow hair and skin. As with any treatment to skin or hair, allergic reaction or irritation may occur. Our brow artists will perform a patch test before each service by placing a small amount of solution on your skin to ensure no reaction takes place. We will send each client home with an aftercare kit to take care of your fresh brows at home, including Argan oil to keep brows nourished and healthy. The effects of Brow Lamination last about 6-8 weeks, at which point you can return for another treatment.

Does it hurt?

No! Brow Lamination is a painless process. Of course, if you ever do feel any discomfort, please let your brow artist know right away so we can quickly remedy it. We take the utmost precaution to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

How long does it take?

Brow Lamination takes approximately 45 minutes. One hour, if tinting is also requested. We suggest trying it with a brow tint, to enhance and bolden lighter-haired brows.

What should I do prior to my appointment?

Avoid any exfoliants or retinols for three days prior and post Brow Lamination treatment.  Upon booking your service, you will receive a form to provide us with any health and skin information to ensure we perform the service as safely as possible to each individual client.

Is Brow Lamination high maintenance?

No! Your eyebrows should stay dry and untouched for the first 24 hours. After that, your brows stay fluffy and styled up to 8 weeks! Avoid the use of brow-growth serum for two months post treatment to ensure the effects of brow lamination are long-lasting.

After 24 hours you are welcome to get your brows wet and use Argan oil to nourish your eyebrows. Remember to brush your brows upward and outward to keep them looking nice and full. Brow Lamination is recommended to be done every 3 months.

Lash Lift

Tired of struggling with a lash curler every morning, only to have your lashes start drooping down a few hours later? A lash lift might be the perfect solution for you! Lash Lifts have made their way to the spotlight in the last few years, and we couldn’t be more excited about them! We’re answering all your questions about lash lifts to put your mind at ease and get you as excited as we are!

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift uses a silicone rod and a two-step cream solution to lift and curl your natural lashes in an upward, lifted position. The result is a brighter, more awake look, making lashes appear longer and fuller.

Am I a good candidate for a lash lift?

If your natural lashes are super short, sparse, or very fine, we recommend lash extensions over a lift. A lash lift works with your own natural lashes, so it won’t fill in gaps or add volume. On the other hand, if lashes are average or long in length, straight, downturned, or overly curly, a lash lift is the perfect low-maintenance service for you! A lift helps your natural lashes reach their full potential, so if you’ve already got the length, the lift showcases all those luscious lashes.

Is a lash lift safe?

Yes! The lift solution never touches your skin and your eyes are kept closed for the duration of the treatment. We use Elleebana Lash Lift, which is one of the most recommended brands for lift treatments. We take great care in making sure the solution only touches the base of your lashes, to avoid over-processing or damaging the tips. We also recommend waiting at least 6 weeks in between lifts to avoid over-processing the lashes. This allows time for the natural growth cycle of our lashes, so we aren’t lifting the same set of lashes that we already did.

Does it hurt?

No! This is a pain-free service. Of course, if you feel any irritation at all, please let your esthetician know right away to remedy the situation.  If you have a history of allergic reactions to makeup or adhesives, a complimentary patch test is recommended prior to the service. We will test the adhesive and the lift solutions on your skin, to ensure a safe and pleasant treatment for you.

How long does the lash lift take?

A lash lift takes approximately 45 minutes. One hour if you pair it with a beautiful tint to darken and enhance lighter lashes. 

What should I do before coming in for a lash lift?

Please come in with no eye makeup. Makeup residue could prevent the lift solution from working properly.

Are lash lifts high maintenance?

No! Lash lifts last an average of 6-8 weeks. Keep in mind that you may notice new growth coming in after several weeks as part of your normal growth cycle. You will need to keep your lashes dry and free of makeup and oily products for the first 24 hours after the treatment. Avoid rubbing your eyes and sleeping on your face while you have a lash lift. After the first 24 hours, you are free to wear makeup, wash your face, or go for a swim. Lashes will stay lifted and gorgeous!

What is Lash Botox?

β€œLash Botox” is an add-on treatment to a lash lift to deep condition your natural lashes. Lift solution can be drying to our hair, so adding a conditioning treatment every now and then helps to boost the elasticity and keep the follicle healthy and hydrated. Using a lash growth serum, like LiLash, is also a great way to continually keep lashes hydrated and healthy even after the service is complete.

We hope we answered all your lash lift questions! As always, you can call our friendly front desk team to answer any further questions you may have or to book your appointment. We hope to see you soon!

Summer Lash Care

Fun in the sun….

During the summer months, you might notice that your lashes grow and shed faster than usual.  There are many factors in the summer time that will contribute to premature shedding. Below is a few simple tips to help your lash retention while you have fun in the sun.


Always use sunscreen to protect your beautiful skin, just not on your lash extensions.  Sunscreen has a lot of oil. It will breakdown the adhesive and cause poor retention .


Wear goggles when possible in seawater or a chlorinated pool.  After a good swim, don’t forget to give your lashes a freshwater rinse and gently brush. This will remove some of the salt water or chlorine from your extensions.

Sun bathing

Wear stylish floppy hat and a pair of cool shades to avoid direct sunlight on your lashes. Direct sunlight has a tendency to mess with the glue bonds, making lash loss more likely.

Eyelash extensions make summer beauty effortless. It is easy to follow the above tips to keep your lashes camera ready.

Removing Lash Extensions at Home

We, first and foremost, hope everyone remains healthy and safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the temporary closing of our spa, we know most of you will have many grown-out lash extensions that we would normally remove during your fill. For those of you feeling any discomfort from those over-grown lashes, we want to offer you an at-home solution for removing your own extensions. We can’t stress enough that we would not recommend this under normal circumstances, which is why our lash removal service is always complimentary to existing clients. However, because we can’t do it for you at this time, we would rather teach you the best possible way to remove your own extensions, than have you pull out or damage your natural lashes.

  1. Remove all eye makeup
  2. Fill a heat-safe bowl with steaming hot water
    • Set the bowl on a table or countertop where you can bend down over it.
  3. Put a towel over your head, then lean over the steam for 15 minutes
    • Be careful not to get too close to the water, as it could scald your face.
    • Position the towel so that it encircles the bowl and traps in the steam.
    • The steam will loosen the glue on your extensions so it comes off more easily.
  4. Soak a cotton swab in olive or coconut oil Soak a cotton swab in olive or coconut oil
    • Make sure cotton swab is completely saturated
  5. Swipe oil over lashes
    • Start at the inner corner of your lashes. Keeping your eyes completely closed, make several passes to coat the extensions in the oil. You may need to use multiple cotton swabs to completely coat the lashes. Once lashes are completely coated, let sit for one minute. Begin swiping lashes in a downward motion with a cotton swab or comb through with a spoolie brush. Extensions should start to come off. Keep gently swiping until all extensions are removed.
    • **If your skin starts to feel irritated, stop use immediately. If oil gets in your eye, flush it out with cold water.
  6. Use a face cleanser to wash away excess oil
  7. LiLash serum is recommended with or without lash extensions to promote the health and integrity of your natural lashes.

Again, this is an alternative solution while our spa is temporarily closed. In the future, we ask that you please come in for a complimentary removal when needed.

We can’t wait to see you again soon, and give you more beautiful lashes! Take care of yourselves and loved ones!

Break free from “breaks”

Lashes by our master lash artist – Natalie Seguin

When your lash artist warns you that your natural lashes β€œneed a break,” there is usually a reason she is saying that. And chances are it has nothing to do with your natural lashes and everything to do with your faux ones and how they’re being applied.

We need a break from a lot of things – the weather, our significant other, the news. But if your lash technician is giving you the right service with care and quality, long lashes aren’t something you would need a break from.

Here are a few reasons your lashes might require a little time off:

  • Your lash expert is isolating the natural lashes improperly. It can lead to long-term issues. Improper isolation will caused your natural lashes to clump together, causing them to become stressed, breakage and fall out prematurely.
  • Your natural lashes have had enough of the big flares they’re sadly being subjected to. And rightfully so! When a technician applies β€œcluster” lashes (big flares of five to seven lashes with a knot joining them at the bottom), they actually lay them on top of multiple natural lashes. The clusters are too heavy to put on individual lashes, so this seems like a great idea. But instead, it causes follicle stress and breakage to the natural lashes.
  • Your lash extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes. You might want mega volume looks, but if you don’t have a strong natural lash. Lashes are not one-eye-fits-all. They range from thin and fine to coarse and thick. Some are dry, others are oily. There’s even straight or curly. A properly trained lash technician will assess the limit of what your natural lashes can handle. It’s also important for you to be realistic and believe (and adhere to) their advice. Do it for your lash health. With the right extensions in place, the only break you’ll have to take is from using mascara on your lovely long lashes.

Four Tips for Summer Lash Care

Welcome to the makeup-free zone. AKA summer – the season of fresh faces. But as you hop from pool party to beach BBQ, batting thoseΒ  long lashes, you’re also dealing with some unwanted guests that accompany the heat. Think humidity, oily sunscreen, chlorinated water. All can wreak havoc on your lash extensions.

Show them a little extra TLC with these four top tips for healthy lash extensions during the summer.

  • Sunscreen is definite summer necessity for good skin, but oily formulas can shorten your lashes’ lifespan. Avoid getting sunscreen on your lash extensions, and instead opt for sunglasses that offer UV/UVB protection. Note: if a pair of sunglasses doesn’t have a UVA/UVB label on them, consider them for fun not for sun.
  • A lap in the pool might be refreshing for your body, but it’s a worrisome past time for your lash extensions. Excessive exposure to chlorine can break down adhesive, so protect that flirty fringe. When swimming in a pool, wear a set of goggles. And, of course, you should avoidΒ  swimming in the first 24 hours following any new lash application.
  • Summer is all about natural breezy looks, so opt for shorter length extensions. This doesn’t mean you have to forego the glam. Ask for your lash expert to make your lashes fuller with a higher number of lashes.
  • Whether you’re rubbing eyes from sweat or toweling off from a dip, you’re touching your eyes more during the hotter months. Also with all of our outdoor activity comes a healthy uptake of Vitamin D. Translation: Your lashes grow faster in the summer, so turnover might be more noticeable. Getting refills every two weeks instead of three to four weeks will keep lashes lush.

Keeping an eye on how you treat your lashes during the summer will make all the difference. Happy summer!