Meet the Lash L’Amour Ladies – Erin Burke, Master Lash Artist and Quality Control Manager

How long have you been with Lash L’Amour?
I have been here since day one. I was Cynthia’s first employee, eight years ago. I’m proud to say that I have seen this business grow from zero clients to the booming empire it is now.

Where do you live?
I live in Watertown with my two cats, Louie and Charlie.

Take us through your day as Master Lash Artist and Quality Control Manager.
I work in the Newton location, Monday through Friday, taking clients all day. I’m also the go-to person for all of the girls to ask technical questions or ask my opinion on certain questions about clients or lashes. I try to make sure that your experience is the same at Lash L’Amour no matter which lash artist you see, or which location you visit. I try to give them all of the knowledge I have acquired over the past eight years about lashes and customer service.

What is your favorite beauty “treat” that you do for yourself?
I love treating myself to facials. I’m trying to fight aging as much as I can!

When did you get your first pair of lashes? How did they make you feel?
My first set of lashes was done by Cynthia eight years ago when I was first hired. Lashes make me feel prettier!

What does having great lashes bring to a woman’s life?
I love that lashes make me feel pretty even without makeup. I have very blonde natural lashes, so if I’m not wearing mascara they’re pretty much nonexistent. When I have lashes on, I feel like I look good when I wake up in the morning. Lash extensions have given me the confidence to leave the house without any makeup and not feel self conscious!

What is your “can’t leave the house without” makeup?
I can’t leave the house without mineral foundation and blush.

What makes you feel beautiful?
Feeling confident makes me feel beautiful! Having a good hair day doesn’t hurt either.

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