How to Get the Most Out of Your Lash Appointment

Arrive Early

The more time we have for your appointment, the more lashes we’re able to give you.  We completely understand that everyone runs late every now and then and are happy to accommodate whenever possible.

Come in with Clean Lashes

Even if you are not wearing makeup, oils and dead skin cells build up on our lashes and prevent extensions from adhering properly. We ask that you wash your lashes with our foaming lash cleanser in the restroom when you arrive. Washing them as close to your appointment as possible is ideal, as our skin is constantly producing oils. We will also offer a complementary lash bath if needed.

Take a Lash Nap

Relaxation is key for the most productive lash fill. Feel free to let us know you’d like to take a nap and we’ll be sure to let you rest and wake up with beautiful lashes.

Avoid Caffeine Prior to appointment

Caffeine is a stimulant. Even if you don’t feel it, caffeine often makes eyelids very twitchy. This constant movement makes it very difficult to attach an extension to. The more still and relaxed you are, the more lashes we can apply.

β€˜Me Time’

Be sure to put your phone on silent so you can relax and not disrupt other guests. We know emergencies happen, but please try to avoid asking your lash artist to read a text message for you during your service. They are focused on giving you a beautiful set of lashes. We also ask that you don’t bring any children or guests into the spa during your appointment.

Extra Time

Let us know if you don’t have to be anywhere after (or if you have to be out by a certain time). If we don’t have anyone scheduled after you, we are always happy to spend a little extra time on your lashes if you have nowhere to be.

Speak Up

If you feel any discomfort at all during the service, whether something is stinging, itchy, or you just need a sip of water, don’t hesitate to tell your lash artist. We want you to have the most comfortable lash experience.

Book Your Refill in Advance

Our lash artists book up quickly, especially in the busy warmer months. Booking several appointments in advance is a great idea to ensure your lashes stay full.

Have Fun with your Lashes

Let your lash artist know if you ever want to switch it up!  Try a new curl, length or design. We also have black lashes, brown lashes, and all the colors of the rainbow to try!