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Tools of the Trade: Different types of Liquids used for Lash Extension Application

In part 2 of our Tools of the Trade series, we are going to be talking all about the different types of liquids that you should keep in your lash extension toolbox at all times. Although adhesives are a huge part of your lash artist arsenal, there are several other liquids that you want to make sure you have handy as well. When all of the below liquids are combined and used properly, you can pretty much guarantee a long and strong extension hold.

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Tools of the Trade: Different Types of Lash Extensions

A lash artist is only as good as their tools and techniques. Fully understanding the different types tools available to you, such as different types of lash extensions, adhesives, and tweezers, along with the proper techniques for using those tools, can be the difference between you charging below average and premium pricing.

When you are able to provide your clients with gorgeous lash extensions that last long and don’t get twisted, you are able to charge premium prices for your services.

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What is Lash Lift?

The beauty industry is always evolving; new trends, fads, and breakthroughs are happening daily. One thing that we pride ourselves on here at Lash L’Amour is that we always stay on the cutting edge of beauty industry trends while staying away from fads that don’t serve our clients. The latest trend that we truly admire is a newer lash enhancement service called Keratin Lash Lift.

Keratin Lash Lift is a great way to give your lashes a dramatic appearance with minimal maintenance. It is a great alternative for eyelash extensions and is perfect for everyday wear or events.

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Why you Should Become Certified in Eyelash Extensions

At Lash L’Amour, one question that we receive all the time is why someone should become trained in eyelash extensions. When it comes to extensions as a service, there are many benefits of becoming certified, but we believe that the most important ones revolve around your income and your skill set.

When you become certified in eyelash extensions you will invest in a rapidly growing industry, you will dramatically increase your client base, you can increase your income, and you will see a high return-on-investment. All of these are extremely important when working in the beauty industry.

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Welcome to the Lash L’Amour Blog

Welcome to the Lash L’Amour Blog!

We would like to officially welcome you to our brand new blog! This blog is intended to connect us with our current clients and students, potential clients and students, and those who just want to learn more about lash extensions and other beauty industry trends, tips, and tricks!

We will also be posting Spa updates including closures, promotions, events, and more!

Be sure to sign up to our newsletter in the sidebar so that you never miss a post.

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