Removing Lash Extensions at Home

We, first and foremost, hope everyone remains healthy and safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the temporary closing of our spa, we know most of you will have many grown-out lash extensions that we would normally remove during your fill. For those of you feeling any discomfort from those over-grown lashes, we want to offer you an at-home solution for removing your own extensions. We can’t stress enough that we would not recommend this under normal circumstances, which is why our lash removal service is always complimentary to existing clients. However, because we can’t do it for you at this time, we would rather teach you the best possible way to remove your own extensions, than have you pull out or damage your natural lashes.

  1. Remove all eye makeup
  2. Fill a heat-safe bowl with steaming hot water
    • Set the bowl on a table or countertop where you can bend down over it.
  3. Put a towel over your head, then lean over the steam for 15 minutes
    • Be careful not to get too close to the water, as it could scald your face.
    • Position the towel so that it encircles the bowl and traps in the steam.
    • The steam will loosen the glue on your extensions so it comes off more easily.
  4. Soak a cotton swab in olive or coconut oil Soak a cotton swab in olive or coconut oil
    • Make sure cotton swab is completely saturated
  5. Swipe oil over lashes
    • Start at the inner corner of your lashes. Keeping your eyes completely closed, make several passes to coat the extensions in the oil. You may need to use multiple cotton swabs to completely coat the lashes. Once lashes are completely coated, let sit for one minute. Begin swiping lashes in a downward motion with a cotton swab or comb through with a spoolie brush. Extensions should start to come off. Keep gently swiping until all extensions are removed.
    • **If your skin starts to feel irritated, stop use immediately. If oil gets in your eye, flush it out with cold water.
  6. Use a face cleanser to wash away excess oil
  7. LiLash serum is recommended with or without lash extensions to promote the health and integrity of your natural lashes.

Again, this is an alternative solution while our spa is temporarily closed. In the future, we ask that you please come in for a complimentary removal when needed.

We can’t wait to see you again soon, and give you more beautiful lashes! Take care of yourselves and loved ones!

Break free from “breaks”

Lashes by our master lash artist – Natalie Seguin

When your lash artist warns you that your natural lashes “need a break,” there is usually a reason she is saying that. And chances are it has nothing to do with your natural lashes and everything to do with your faux ones and how they’re being applied.

We need a break from a lot of things – the weather, our significant other, the news. But if your lash technician is giving you the right service with care and quality, long lashes aren’t something you would need a break from.

Here are a few reasons your lashes might require a little time off:

  • Your lash expert is isolating the natural lashes improperly. It can lead to long-term issues. Improper isolation will caused your natural lashes to clump together, causing them to become stressed, breakage and fall out prematurely.
  • Your natural lashes have had enough of the big flares they’re sadly being subjected to. And rightfully so! When a technician applies “cluster” lashes (big flares of five to seven lashes with a knot joining them at the bottom), they actually lay them on top of multiple natural lashes. The clusters are too heavy to put on individual lashes, so this seems like a great idea. But instead, it causes follicle stress and breakage to the natural lashes.
  • Your lash extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes. You might want mega volume looks, but if you don’t have a strong natural lash. Lashes are not one-eye-fits-all. They range from thin and fine to coarse and thick. Some are dry, others are oily. There’s even straight or curly. A properly trained lash technician will assess the limit of what your natural lashes can handle. It’s also important for you to be realistic and believe (and adhere to) their advice. Do it for your lash health. With the right extensions in place, the only break you’ll have to take is from using mascara on your lovely long lashes.

Four Tips for Summer Lash Care

Welcome to the makeup-free zone. AKA summer – the season of fresh faces. But as you hop from pool party to beach BBQ, batting those  long lashes, you’re also dealing with some unwanted guests that accompany the heat. Think humidity, oily sunscreen, chlorinated water. All can wreak havoc on your lash extensions.

Show them a little extra TLC with these four top tips for healthy lash extensions during the summer.

  • Sunscreen is definite summer necessity for good skin, but oily formulas can shorten your lashes’ lifespan. Avoid getting sunscreen on your lash extensions, and instead opt for sunglasses that offer UV/UVB protection. Note: if a pair of sunglasses doesn’t have a UVA/UVB label on them, consider them for fun not for sun.
  • A lap in the pool might be refreshing for your body, but it’s a worrisome past time for your lash extensions. Excessive exposure to chlorine can break down adhesive, so protect that flirty fringe. When swimming in a pool, wear a set of goggles. And, of course, you should avoid  swimming in the first 24 hours following any new lash application.
  • Summer is all about natural breezy looks, so opt for shorter length extensions. This doesn’t mean you have to forego the glam. Ask for your lash expert to make your lashes fuller with a higher number of lashes.
  • Whether you’re rubbing eyes from sweat or toweling off from a dip, you’re touching your eyes more during the hotter months. Also with all of our outdoor activity comes a healthy uptake of Vitamin D. Translation: Your lashes grow faster in the summer, so turnover might be more noticeable. Getting refills every two weeks instead of three to four weeks will keep lashes lush.

Keeping an eye on how you treat your lashes during the summer will make all the difference. Happy summer!